MON-FRI: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

SATURDAY HOURS:   March (weather permitting) thru May, and September – 8 AM to 12 NOON 
(excluding Holiday weekends)

About M & M Lime Co.

Established in 1958, M & M Lime Company, Inc. has been providing clean, deep-mined, PA state-approved aggregates to western Pennsylvania for 62 years.  Our product list includes 22 various sizes of limestone, ag-lime, gravel, and ornamental rock.  We’re proud of our customer base which includes PennDOT, local municipalities, utility companies, asphalt companies, DEP, Army Corps of Engineers, bridge constructors, commercial and residential contractors, railroad service companies and organizations, and local home owners.

M & M Lime not only takes pride in the quality of its aggregates and services, but also in its integrity with each and every sale.  Certified scales for weighing guarantee accurate invoicing and cost.  PennDOT and independent lab testing, along with M&M’s on-site testing facilities, demonstrates M & M’s commitment to quality and consistency of materials. 

By providing exemplary and prompt commercial delivery service, M & M is the industry’s “go-to” aggregate provider to save its clients from expensive downtime due to late or haphazard deliveries.  The delivering trucks arrive on site as promised with the required quantity needed…we understand the value of the customer’s time and the time of their work crew.

M & M also owns and operates a railroad siding on the Buffalo & Pittsburgh rail line.  Located 1/2 mile from our main plant entrance, our rail facilities allow us to ship thousands of tons of aggregates to various customers including Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad.  We also provide transloading services to our clients on our rail access by transferring their product from railcar to truck, or from truck to railcar. Use of the rail systems has provided a substantial cost savings to our clients, allowing them to ship their products to distant markets that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to do by truck alone.

We take pride in our heritage and in providing the highest quality product and best customer service in the industry.